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What kinds of projection screens does the company provide?

In our store you can find a wide range of projection screens such as:

Interactive whiteboards, Motorized screens, Fast fold screen, Manual screen, Tripod screen, Tab-tensioned screens, Floor pull up screens, Fixed frame screens, Rear eyeleted screen and Big project screens.

Do the projection screens go through any quality control process?

To make sure we supply to our customers a high leveled products, we have a strict quality policy.

We have a special team of quality control auditors who check product by product before it enters our store. The quality control process is done in our lab by our team.

What kind of materials are we in our projection screen?

In order to offer you ease of operation, we use our finest features in our screens such as best quality motors in our electric screens, suitable screens for use in gym, show, concerts and more. In addition, we offer tools and accessories for all your projection needs. We make sure our screens will be multi-purpose screens, they can be used as home theater and as well some of our projections can be used outdoors.  We use different kinds of materials such as fabric, black back design, heat webbing, prominent surface texture, metallic screen fabric and more.

What is your delivering and packing policy?

For each model of our screens we have a different packing procedure. We make sure the projector screens fit right into the package without any option of movement during the delivery or carrying. The package in the outside is made of rigid tough plastic to prevent any damage. Also, for our outdoors screen projectors we have different materials that are waterproof. You can either order your products online and use our delivery service or visit our store and pick it up yourself.