Tripod Screen

The Portable Tripod Projector Screens are ideal for indoor and outdoor presentations because it gives you the freedom to carry it with yourself where you go. Its key features includes the durability and it's light weight. Its hardy because of its rugged construction and it's going to withstand the rigors of daily usage. It has got an adjustable locking ring that provides ease in installing and setting appropriate heights of the screen.

Bordered with 4 sides of black masking also helps absorb the unwanted overspray of light that projectors often have. It comes with stand where Screen goes from down to upwards and hook is fixed on the upper portion of the stand which has three legs.

Our Tripod Projection screens are made from a matte white, high-resolution material that produces distortion-free top quality output for images. This adjustable tripod screen retracts smoothly and provides a properly tensioned viewing surface.

It comes with a durable steel carrying case to give you the freedom to carry it safely where ever you go. We have designed special tripod screens to be used in classrooms as well as for conference rooms.

Specification of Tripod Projector Screens

    • Heavy-duty casing withstands daily usage.
    • Adjustable locking ring provides ease for various height settings.
Tripod Projection Screen Structure
  • Fabrics are available on our tripod screen | Glass Beaded: Screen surface can be cleaned, flame retardant, Mildew resistant, Viewing angle is 35°and Gain is 2.8. | High gain Fabric Matte White: Screen surface can be cleaned, flame retardant, Mildew resistant, Viewing angle is 55°and Gain is 1.2. | Standard Matte White 1.1 Gain screen material is durable for every day applications and easy to clean. 4:3 format with all round 30-60mm black border. 1:1 format with 30-40mm black side border.
  • Durable & lightweight projection screen.
  • Designed specifically for audiovisual use.
  • Ideal for various places such as flow business affairs, shows, schools and mini type convention etc.
  • Custom sizes available like 6 Feet * 4 Feet | 5 Feet * 7 Feet | 6 Feet * 8 Feet.
  • The alloy tripod is stable, nice and convenient to move.
  • Perfectly symmetrical tripod for great stability.
  • Strong shock resistant ends.

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