Fast Fold Screen

The Fast Fold Projection Screen that we manufacture and design is very suitable for professional screening on the roads, gyms, trade shows etc. for demonstration. Our Fast Fold Projector Screen is noted for easy installation and quick wrap up into the folding. It is highly endurable and long lasting in nature. Additionally, we are acknowledged as a trusted Vancouver Fast-Fold Projection Screens Exporter and Supplier. Some of the salient features of the Fast Fold Projection Screen are as follow:

    • Deft and can be entirely folded up, the aluminum part is dismantled unnecessarily. It is convenient to carry about and transport, able to provide the extraordinary stability at the same time.


    • The screen is composed of a frame and holder part, the knob is fixed in the frame with convenient subsidiary crank axis load and unload, stable leveling on that.


    • Fashionable aluminum housing, tubular motor, looks luxurious.


    • Vein is exquisite, soft ABD smooth, soft bright and clean texture leveling, does not become deformed. It has fine tensile strength. The back is thrown selecting and using the polyethylene back jump into a soft curtains cloth, light but strong, soft leveling of texture, does not become deformed, has fine tensile strength.


  • Suitable for use in show, vocal concert, banquet and big business affairs.

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