Electric Screens

Motorized Projector screens are mostly used for multi-purpose home theater where one has to adjust the height of the screen frequently. Adjusting the height of the screen is not fun when you have to go up there and do it manually. Motorized projector screens offer you this flexibility so that you can get that perfect height for your screen by pressing a few button of the remote.

Our motorized screens are built using best quality motors which offer ease of operation and it is highly durable. No more manual operation and issues of pull and release. It comes with an octagonal sheet case and a superior design.


Features of Motorized Projector Screens

  • Our motorized projector screens are designed for controlled and uniform rolling of screen fabric.
  • The motor is concealed within the roller, which ensures smooth and quiet operation.
  • Output format 4:3, 16:9, 16:10.
  • Korean fabric matte white or glass beaded fabric
  • Advanced motor, & A-OK motor optional
  • The A-OK motors are high quality equipped with internal thermal overload protection guaranteeing trouble free usage.
  • They can be lowered or raised using a 3-way rocker switch (included in the cost) or optional Original RADIO remote control. The screen stops automatically in the UP and DOWN positions.
  • Available in superior imported viewing surfaces which are best suited for Front projection.
  • 1 Electrically operated 220V, AC 50Hz single-phase motor mounted inside roller tube 3-wire instantly reversible type with brake.
  • Equipped with internal thermal overload protection. Preset limit switch setting automatically stops the screen in up and down position.
  • 3-position control switch or radio-remote control stops or reverses screen direction at any point in the operating cycle.
  • Custom Sizes available.
  • Warranted for one year against defects in materials.
  • Screen operates instantly at the touch of a button and stops automatically in the up and down positions.

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